Original 1901 Maine Flag: Merchant and Marine Flag

Tick-Repelling Maine Hat

Wear a piece of Maine’s history and protect yourself from ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies too! These baseball caps feature the Maine Merchant and Marine design and are made with bug-repelling permethrin to make your outdoor activities more pleasant. Take to the trails, lakes, streams, or anywhere your Maine adventure takes you with the protection of permethrin-treated fabric that repels insects for up to 70 washings. Part of the “No Fly Zone” line of permethrin-treated apparel, these hats combine the popular design of Maine’s first flag with the Merchant Marine insignia and a little extra protection outdoors.

Pride in Maine’s Naval History

The Maine Merchant and Marine flag was designated by the Maine Legislature in March 1939. Also known as the state naval ensign, and the flag is intended to be flown on vessels that call Maine home. Shop this Swallowtail Burgee in two styles of Burgee – with Dirigo Maine or just the design alone.