Original 1901 Maine Flag

Fly Our Distinctive Pine Tree & North Star Design

Fly the Maine State Flag with the Original design. The first flag of the State of Maine featured the North Star, a symbol of freedom, and pine tree, a symbol of New England. Our 1901 Original Maine Flags are a nod to the state’s history with their distinctive, eye-catching elements —a medium-green pine tree with dark brown trunk, and dark blue star, on a clean, pale tan background, a design based on one of the two known flags from the period that still exist. Our flags are made by skilled craftspeople at our Skowhegan factory with durable, quality American-made materials. Show your pride in Maine’s history! Choose from four sizes and fly your Original 1901 Maine Flag inside or outside your home or business.

Comeback of a Beloved First Maine Flag

The 1901 Original Maine Flag design has a history as the state’s first official flag. While the blue flag with the coat of arms flag remains the official Maine flag, the simple pine tree and North Star design appeals to flag enthusiasts and Maine residents. Its well-known symbols are easy to see from both sides, and its simple, distinctive design reflects the state’s history. Mainers and those from away have embraced this design, and in the years since its reemergence, the 1901 Original Maine Flag can be seen flying outside homes and businesses all across Maine. Show your affection for the great State of Maine with a nod to its deep history with this traditional design.