Original 1901 Maine Flag – Insect Repelling

Baseball Caps with a Maine Design

Wear a piece of Maine history — doff your hat with the Original Maine Flag design. These contemporary styles are artfully distressed for a lived-in look and feel and feature our high-quality embroidered pine tree and North Star on a light tan background. Every product is made with care by skilled craftspeople with 100% American-made quality materials. Shop for your own online or at our Maine factory store and wear Maine’s history with pride.

Maine Hats with Permethrin

Wear a piece of Maine’s history and protect yourself from ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies. These baseball caps feature the Original 1901 Maine Flag design and are made with bug-repelling permethrin to make your outdoor activities enjoyable. Head to the trails, lakes, streams, or anywhere your Maine adventure takes you with the protection of permethrin-treated fabric that repels insects for up to 70 washings. Part of the “No Fly Zone” line of permethrin-treated apparel, these hats combine the popular design of Maine’s first flag with a little extra protection from the outdoors.