Maine ocean landscape with the original 1901 Maine flag flying on a weathered pole. Ocean water big clouds in the sky deep shadows of light.
Two small maine balsam fir sachet pillows embroidered with the original 1901 Maine flag a pine tree and blue north star.
Black knit original 1901 Maine Flag patch sewn to a black knit ski cap.

Slow down.

Smell the balsam.

Enjoy the seasons.

Modern day 1901 original Maine flag blowing above the ocean on the coast of Friendship Island Maine

1901 Maine Flag

Buy Flags Made in Maine! We Manufacture the Maine State Flag with the Original 1901 Design. 

The 1901 Original Maine State Flag has become Maine’s favorite flag to fly – at home, at stores, small and large businesses, everywhere Mainers want to display a symbol of Maine’s history. The Original Maine Flag is loved for its simple design and its ability to be spotted and easily recognized at a distance from the front as well as the back. Popular all around the State of Maine, from Aroostook to York Counties, from Lubec to Sugarloaf and back, for its traditional, easy-to-discern design that incorporates the North Star and Pine Tree. The Original Maine Flag with its distinctive nod to history is perfect for flying, wearing, and showing your fondness for Maine tradition. The Original Maine Flag design is based on one of the two known flags from the period that still exist. Because it has a particular appeal to Mainers around the state and beyond, we will continue to manufacture its image on flags, apparel, and accessories for as long as it continues to capture their hearts. 

An Old Maine Flag Is New Again 

Why does Maine have two state flags? Jennifer Finney Boylan called a vexillologist to find out. With its flowing pine tree, a recognizable symbol of New England, and its North Star, a symbol of freedom, the Original Maine Flag can be seen from north to south and up and down the coast as well. Boylan discovered a little more about why Mainers have a fondness for nostalgia, symbolism, and simplicity. 

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Maine Bicentennial Flags, American Flags – Made from 100% American Made Materials

At Maine Stitching Specialties in Skowhegan, we love manufacturing this beloved design depicting Maine’s first flag. We are the exclusive supplier of the Bicentennial Maine Flag, the U.S. Flag, and Merchant and Marine Flags as well. Our products are made in Maine with 100% American-made materials, and we stand behind their extraordinary quality, rugged construction, and long-lasting materials. Flying your favorite flag? Buy from a Maine manufacturer — choose from an array of styles and sizes that suit your indoor or outdoor space.

All our products are made with attention and care right here in the
State of Maine!

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