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Wear Maine’s first flag on a classic sweatshirt, stylish trucker hat, or lived-in t-shirt. You’ll love taking our eye-catching pine tree and North Star design with you on a boat bag or pouch, or on a koozie — they make the perfect accessory for a Maine hike on one of the state’s scenic trails, or a picnic on one of our spectacular beaches. You’ll even find this Original Maine Flag design on tick-repelling apparel for you and your four-footed companion.  These products are made in Maine with 100% American-made materials by skilled makers for the ultimate in quality, vibrancy, durability, and comfort.

Browse style and sizes for a Maine Flag design that everyone in the great State of Maine and beyond will recognize. You’ll find artfully distressed designs, fine embroidery, and hats and dog vests that repel ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies so you can enjoy outdoor Maine adventures in style and ease.

1901 Maine Flag — History

Why a 1901 flag? 1901 was the year Maine got its first official flag, after 81 years of statehood. The Original Maine Flag design that has become popularized with Mainers today is a nod to that original design — a simple pine tree and North Star on a light tan background. Until the resurgence of interest in this original design, Maine’s flag featured the state coat of arms on a blue field. The North Star was there with the Maine state motto, Dirigo, or “I lead”, emblazoned across it. While this design remains the official state flag, the simple pine tree and North Star design appeals to flag enthusiasts and Maine residents because its well-known symbols are easy to see from afar, and its simple, distinctive design provides a nod to tradition.

Mainers and those from away have embraced this design, and not only will you find the 1901 Original Maine Flag flying outside many homes and businesses, you’ll recognize the design on apparel, hats, and accessories. You’ll love having this traditional design on your bags, hoodies, tees, beanies, dog vests, and face masks. Choose your favorite way of paying tribute to Maine history with our distinctive design. Every product is skillfully made in our Maine factory with passion and pride.